Somers Cultural Commission

Piedmont Percolator
The Somers Coffee House
Beginning October, 2011
7:00pm - 9:00pm

The Somers Cultural Commission is pleased to announce its newest event
The Piedmont Percolator.

The Percolator is a town wide coffee house being held on Sunday Nights monthly. Featuring a unique combination of entertainment aimed at the widest possible audience, this event has something for everyone. We hope to see the entire town come and enjoy evenings with neighbors.
When:Second Sunday each month
Where:Piedmont Hall 604 Main Street
Who:Various Entertainers - see list below
What:Free Admission, Coffee and fun

Somers Cultural Commission

For information about the Piedmont
Percolator, see our Facebook page.

October 14Drew Nelson, vocals, guitar and
Lara Hercovitch, CT State Troubadour 2010
November 11Danielle Miraglia, Craig Bickhardt
December 9The Village Players
January 13Grass Routes Bluegrass Band
February 10Michael Coppola, jazz Guitar
Tune Seekers, Barbershop quartet
March 10Donna Martin, Dan Stevens
Guitar, vocals
April 14Lauren Agnelli, Songwriter, vocals
Amalgamated Muck, quintet, instrumentals, vocals

Click HERE to see our Press Release for additional information.